About Us

We are a South American company founded in 2013 with the mission to make a dream reality: Produce the best Steelhead Trout in the world in harmony and with a commitment to the environment, society and the needs of the world’s most important markets.

That is how we began on the top of the Andes mountains,  at more than 4.300 meters of elevation,  operating sustainably, inspired by the best practices of salmon cultivating countries like Chile and Norway.

All of this with one clear objective: Become leaders in the aquaculture industry offering our clientes a product of excellent quality, cultivating in singular conditions under the guidance of our professional team in one of the world´s most pristine locations



Produce the world’s best trout sustainably, committed to our collaborators, the community and the environment.  Always focused on satisfying the needs and trends of our markets.


Nuestra Visión

Ser líderes en el desarrollo sustentable de la producción de trucha, inspirando a  la industria acuícola a nivel mundial y marcando siempre la diferencia ante nuestros clientes y tendencias de nuestros mercados.

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